Getting Started with Symbiosis

Welcome to the Symbiosis documentation! There you will find complete information about the Symbiosis protocol.

What is Symbiosis

Symbiosis protocol V2, the successor of Symbiosis protocol V1, is here!
Just check its new features: Symbiosis V1 vs. Symbiosis V2​
The Symbiosis protocol acts as a cross-chain AMM DEX and interchain communication protocol while meeting the following requirements:
  • Simple, Uniswap-like user experience
    Any to any token cross-chain swaps between EVM and non-EVM chains in 1-click.
    No additional wallets, long waiting time, or extra steps to proceed with a swap.
  • Interchain communicating 1-click experience to provide liquidity to lending and farming protocols or buy NFT on another blockchain.
  • Fully decentralized
    No central party can stop the Symbiosis protocol or censor users from accessing it.
  • Interoperable
    The protocol connects every blockchain that gets enough market attention. Our ultimate goal is to bridge all blockchains together.
  • Non-custodial
    No one (including the Symbiosis team) has access to users' funds.
  • Limitless cross-chain liquidity
    The protocol targets as many token pairs as possible across all blockchains while providing the best prices for swaps between any arbitrary token pair.
We offer reward programs for providing liquidity to the Symbiosis protocol. You can find information about the programs and instructions on how to join the programs here: Symbiosis Reward Programs​

What is under the Hood

Let's see what parts the Symbiosis protocol consists of (Scheme 1).
Scheme 1. Main components of the Symbiosis protocol.
To a first approximation, there are two main parts:
  1. 1.
    The Symbiosis contracts (the on-chain part) are a set of identical smart contracts deployed on every blockchain supported by the Symbiosis protocol. It’s a sort of cross-chain liquidity engine of the protocol. For more information, please refer to Cross-chain liquidity engine​
  2. 2.
    The Relayers Network (the off-chain part) is a P2P network that transfers information about cross-chain operations conducted via the Symbiosis protocol between the blockchains. For more information, please refer to Relayers Network | Symbiosis​
The Symbiosis protocol supports the following features:
As for end-users, all cross-chain operations are done in one click (one transaction) at competitive exchange rates and transaction costs.

More Information

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