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Symbiosis WebApp user guide: Getting familiar with Symbiosis WebApp: Interface & Wallets.

WebApp Intro

Symbiosis WebApp is a web-based application provided by Symbiosis. It allows users to use all the functionality of the Symbiosis protocol: to do cross-chain swaps, supply liquidity via cross-chain zaps to Symbiosis liquidity pools or to third-party lending and farming protocols, receive rewards, etc.

Symbiosis WebApps is available at https://app.symbiosis.finance/

You may check swap rates, liquidity pools, etc., without connecting a wallet. And when you are ready, connect a wallet and start cross-chain operations via the Symbiosis protocol.

Connecting a Wallet

To connect a wallet:

Done āˆŽ

The next step is to get familiar with the WebApp interface, and then you're ready for cross-chain swaps!

WebApp Interface

Let's check all elements together (from top to bottom and from left to right):

The next step is to get familiar with Swap & Bridge with Symbiosis

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