Symbiosis WebApp

Symbiosis WebApp user guide: Getting familiar with Symbiosis WebApp: Interface & Wallets.

WebApp Intro

Symbiosis WebApp is a web-based application provided by Symbiosis. It allows users to use all the functionality of the Symbiosis protocol: to do cross-chain swaps, supply liquidity via cross-chain zaps to Symbiosis liquidity pools or to third-party lending and farming protocols, receive rewards, etc.
Symbiosis WebApps is available at
You may check swap rates, liquidity pools, etc., without connecting a wallet. And when you are ready, connect a wallet and start cross-chain operations via the Symbiosis protocol.

Connecting a Wallet

To connect a wallet:
  1. 1.
    Navigate to Symbiosis WebApp:
  2. 2.
    Press on the Connect Wallet button. If there no wallet plugin is installed, you will see the following:
    Download a wallet plugin of your choice, install it, create a new account, or import keys for an existing account and connect the wallet to Symbiosis WebApp. If you have an installed wallet, you will see the following:
    Select your wallet, unlock it, and connect to Symbiosis WebApp. If you click on your wallet in the list and nothing happens, open it (the wallet icon should be on the browser bar), unlock it, and confirm the connection to Symbiosis WebApp.
The next step is to get familiar with the WebApp interface, and then you're ready for cross-chain swaps!

WebApp Interface

Let's consider you have connected a wallet and loaded Symbiosis WebApp. By default, you see the Swap page:
Let's check all elements together (from top to bottom and from left to right):
  • The menu:
    Here, you will find many useful links.
  • Stuck transactions:
    If you see a red circle here, you need to take action.
  • The active network and address:
    It's taken from the connected wallet.
  • The tabs:
    The tabs navigate you to corresponding sections.
  • Settings for cross-chain and on-chain operations:
    Here, you can check and change (if needed) the slippage tolerance and trade deadline.
  • Transfer From:
    Here, you select the source network and token (the token you have and want to swap for another token or supply to a liquidity pool or protocol). The sender's address is obtained from the connected wallet and can be changed via the wallet.
  • Transfer To:
    Here, you select the destination network and token (the token you want to get).
  • The recipient's address: By default, the recipient's address is the same as the sender's address. If you want to send to another address, please use self-custodial wallets only! Do not send funds to addresses provided by exchanges or third-party services. To change the recipient's address, slide the switcher Receive assets to another wallet, and enter a valid address on the destination blockchain:
The next step is to get familiar with Swap & Bridge with Symbiosis