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Symbiosis WebApp user guide: Why cross-chain operations get stuck and how to revert them via Symbiosis WebApp.

When you do cross-chain operations, something may go wrong. For instance, a transaction may take too long to process, or the time allotted for the cross-chain operation ends. Or the exchange rate changes and the new terms do not satisfy the terms you agreed to when signing the initial transaction. In such cases, the cross-chain operation gets stuck. For users, it looks like: they have given away assets on the source blockchain and get nothing on the destination blockchain.

Important If you notice that the status of your cross-chain swap is marked as Stuck, it typically indicates that the operation is taking longer than usual. Before taking any action, we strongly recommend waiting or reaching out to our support team. They can assist and potentially expedite the completion of the transaction.

Bridging to/from Tron If you encounter issues with a cross-chain swap to or from Tron and the transaction becomes stuck, please contact our support to request a reversal of the problematic operation. Ensure you include the transaction hash in your request.

Reverting a Stuck Trade

Requirements to operate:

  • You have enough native assets to pay for a transaction with reverting instructions.

To find and revert a stuck trade:

  1. Navigate to Symbiosis WebApp.

  2. Connect your wallet.

  3. If you see the Switch network to <Network name> button, please switch to the network by pressing the button and confirming the action in your connected wallet.



If you still have questions or issues, please contact our support. If you have an issue related to a stuck transaction, please include the following for faster resolution:

  • Transaction hash or link to the transaction in an appropriate block explorer or Symbiosis Explorer.

  • Wallet address.

  • Explanation of what went wrong.

Having these details, you are welcome to contact our live support on Discord.

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