🟩Bridge with Symbiosis: sUSDC, sBUSD, sWETH

User Guide for Symbiosis WebApp: explore the power of sTokens (sUSDC, sBUSD, and sWETH) and learn how to bridge with Symbiosis.

Supported Tokens to Bridge

Bridging tokens serve as a mechanism to enable cross-chain interoperability, allowing assets to be seamlessly transferred between different blockchain networks. These tokens typically represent a specific asset on one network, while maintaining a corresponding value on another network. When an asset is moved from one blockchain to another, the asset is locked on one network and an equivalent amount of bridging tokens are minted on the other network. And vice versa, when bridging tokens are burned on one blockchain, an equivalent amount of the original asset is released on the first blockchain.

Symbiosis supports the bridging of specific tokens for specific blockchain networks:

  • USDC on Ethereum, zkSync Era, Polygon, etc. <-> sUSDC on Boba BNB,

  • USDC.e on Arbirtum One <-> s.USDC.e on Boba BNB,

  • BUSD on the BNB chain <-> sBUSD,

  • WETH on Ethereum, zkSync Era, etc. <-> sWETH on Boba BNB,

  • SIS token on Ethereum <-> SIS BNB token on the BNB chain.

If you want to bridge any other token, please use another bridge solutions for that.

sTokens (sUSDC, sUSDC.e, sBUSD, and sWETH) are minted on Boba BNB (the Symbiosis host chain) and used within the Symbiosis protocol to enable cross-chain operations. End-users cannot trade sTokens, although they can receive sTokens when adding/removing liquidity to/from Symbiosis Octopools.

If you have sTokens and don't want simply keep them, then:

  1. You can add your sTokens (sUSDC, sUSDC.e, sBUSD, and sWETH) to a liquidity pool owned by Symbiosis and get rewards for providing liquidity. Please refer to Farming on Octopools

  2. sUSDC, sUSDC.e, sBUSD, and sWETH can be bridged 1:1 for USDC, USDC.e, BUSD, and WETH, respectively (instructions are below).

SIS token is the token of the Symbiosis protocol. It can be traded and used to participate in Symbiosis activities to receive rewards. Please refer to Symbiosis Reward Programs for more information.


Requirements to operate:

  • You have enough native assets to pay for a transaction on the source blockchain.

To bridge sUSDC, sUSDC.e, sBUSD, sWETH for USDC, USDC.e, BUSD, and WETH respectively:

  1. Connect your wallet.

  2. Press the Burn button, and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

  3. Shortly, you will get a confirmation.

The deadline for cross-chain operations in Symbiosis is 24 hours. During this time any cross-chain operation can be completed even if the status of the operation is Stuck.

You can always check the status of your cross-chain operation using Symbiosis Explorer.


If you have any questions, please contact our live support on Discord.

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