Symbiosis Explorer

The Symbiosis Explorer collects data related to cross-chain operations conducted via the Symbiosis over all blockchains in one place. Where to find, how to use.

Explorer Intro

Symbiosis Explorer collects and stores data related to cross-chain operations performed via the Symbiosis protocol. It allows users to search for real-time and historical information about cross-chain operations by hash or address.
Symbiosis Explorer is available at
Scheme 1. Symbiosis Explorer (general view).
Explorer sorts transactions in chronological order, with the most recent on top. Transaction amounts are displayed in USD equivalent.
To check the status of your cross-chain operation, copy and paste your transaction hash or your address into the search bar at the top. For instance:
Scheme 2. Searching by address.
You can get full information about the cross-chain operation by clicking View:

TXs States

Possible states are: Pending, Success, Stuck, and Reverted.
  • Pending: The Symbiosis protocol is still processing the cross-chain operation. Check back in a few minutes.
  • Success: The Symbiosis protocol has successfully completed the cross-chain operation.
  • Stuck: This status indicates that something went wrong. The transaction on the source blockchain was processed, but the transaction on the destination blockchain cannot be completed. A stuck cross-chain operation cannot be completed; instead, it can be reverted. Please see Stuck Transactions for guidelines.
  • Reverted: The Symbiosis protocol has completed a request to revert a stuck cross-chain operation.
If you have any questions, please contact our live support on Discord.