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The Symbiosis Explorer collects data related to cross-chain operations conducted via the Symbiosis over all blockchains in one place. Where to find, how to use.

Explorer Intro

Symbiosis Explorer collects and stores data related to cross-chain operations performed via the Symbiosis protocol. It allows users to search for real-time and historical information about cross-chain operations by hash or address.

Symbiosis Explorer is available at https://explorer.symbiosis.finance

Explorer sorts transactions in chronological order, with the most recent on top. Transaction amounts are displayed in USD equivalent.

To check the status of your cross-chain operation, copy and paste your transaction hash or your address into the search bar at the top. For instance:

You can get full information about the cross-chain operation by clicking View:

TXs States

Possible states are: Pending, Success, Stuck, and Reverted.

  • Pending: The Symbiosis protocol is still processing the cross-chain operation. Check back in a few minutes.

  • Success: The Symbiosis protocol has successfully completed the cross-chain operation.

  • Stuck: This status indicates that something went wrong. The transaction on the source blockchain was processed, but the transaction on the destination blockchain cannot be completed. A stuck cross-chain operation cannot be completed; instead, it can be reverted. Please see Stuck Transactions for guidelines.

  • Reverted: The Symbiosis protocol has completed a request to revert a stuck cross-chain operation.

If you have any questions, please contact our live support on Discord.

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