Cross-chain swaps are the core of the Simbiosis protocol. A cross-chain swap is an exchange of one token for another token. The exchanging tokens reside on different blockchains.
Symbiosis WebApp supports two sets of blockchains: for Mainnet and Testnet:
Please consider using Symbiosis WebApp on Testnet first to get familiar with the application's functionality.
To start trading, please navigate to the Swap tab of WebApp:
  1. 1.
    Settings Here, you can change the default values of the slippage tolerance and deadline for your trades.
    • The slippage tolerance value means that a trade will automatically cancel if the price change for this trade exceeds the specified value.
    • The trade deadline means that a trade will automatically cancel if the processing time exceeds the specified value. We recommend leaving the default value here.
  2. 2.
    Sender's address is the address you send tokens from. It's obtained from your connected wallet and can be changed only via the wallet.
  3. 3.
    Recipient's address is the address to which tokens get deposited after exchanging. By default, the address is the same as the sender's address. Please change the address here if you would like to send tokens to a different address.
The swapping routine looks like this:
  1. 1.
    Select an origin token (Transfer From) > enter an amount,
  2. 2.
    Select a destination token (Transfer To),
  3. 3.
    If the origin token is an ERC20 token, then approve,
  4. 4.
    Press the Swap button > confirm the action in WebApp > confirm in your wallet
  5. 5.
    Wait a bit.
Native cryptocurrency When you send a transaction, you should have the native cryptocurrency on the network you send the transaction to. For example, you exchange CAKE tokens (the BSC network) to another token, you should have BNB tokens (the native cryptocurrency on the BSC network) to pay for processing your transaction on BSC.
So, let's go from the theory to the practice!

1. Select an origin token

Transfer from > Select a token:
In this example, BSC is the active network, and we see tokens of this network. The BNB token' icon is the same as the network icon (BSC), which means that BNB is the native cryptocurrency of BSC.
Please select a network and a token, then enter an amount to exchange:

2. Select a destination token

Transfer to > Select a token
By default, you will see all tokens from all supported networks (the tokens with non-zero balance go first). If you select a network you will see tokens from this network:
Once you select a destination token, WebApp will calculate and show you all information about the upcoming swap:
Here we want to exchange 0.001 CAKE token (BSC) to UNI (Etherium), where:
  • Minimum received is the minimum amount you are guaranteed to receive from the trade; otherwise, the trade will cancel, and you will get back your assets minus the gas fee for the transaction.
  • Price is the value of one cryptocurrency for the purpose of conversion to another.
  • Slippage Tolerance means that the trade will automatically cancel if the price change exceeds this percentage.
  • Actual amount to be sent is the entered value in the USD equivalent minus liquidity providers' fees (if any).
  • Transaction Fee is the payment for executing the transaction on the destination network.
  • Route is a sequence of intermediate swaps leading to the best price for the trade. In our example, it's CAKE-> BUSD-> sUSDC | USDC-> WETH-> UNI, where CAKE-> BUSD-> sUSDC will be executed on the BSC network and USDC-> WETH -> UNI on Ethereum.
  • Price impact is the difference between the market and estimated prices due to the trade size.

3. Approve ERC20 tokens

When the origin token is an ERC20 token, you need to approve the token use. However, if the origin token is a native cryptocurrency (as ETH or BNB, for example) or you have approved the ERC20 token, there is no need to approve.
Please approve by pressing the Approve button and approve the transaction in your wallet. As soon as the transaction is executed, the Swap button becomes available:

4. Do the swap!

Please press on the Swap button, check the details in the popup window, and confirm the exchange once more time:
Confirm in your wallet:
Wait for the transaction to get mined and confirmed on the origin network:
The number of blocks indicates how many blocks have been added to the blockchain after the block containing your transaction.