šŸŸ©Swap & Bridge to and from Tron

Walkthrough: How to swap & bridge tokens to and from Tron using Symbiosis.

In this short walkthrough, we will show you how to swap and bridge:

  • Any token from Ethereum, zkSync Evm, the BNB chain, Avalanche, etc. -> for any token on Tron;

  • Any token from Tron -> for any token on other blockchain networks.

For instructions for other directions, please refer to Swap & Bridge with Symbiosis

Connecting Wallet

Important Tron addresses differ in format and length compared to those in EVM-compatible networks. These differences in address formats, combined with distinct architectural, consensus algorithm, and cryptographic standards, are reasons why wallets designed for EVM networks are not compatible with Tron.

Wallet for Tron

Symbiosis WebApp supports both the official Tron wallet, TronLink, and WalletConnect v2. You can use WalletConnect v2 to link other Tron-supporting wallets, such as Trust wallet, to Symbiosis WebApp.

Rule of Thumb:

  • To Tron When exchanging tokens from Ethereum, zkSync Era, the BNB chain, etc., for tokens on Tron, you should connect and use an EVM-compatible wallet, such as MetaMask.

  • From Tron When exchanging tokens from Tron to tokens on Ethereum, zkSync Era, the BNB chain, etc., you should connect and use a Tron-compatible wallet, such as TronLink.

Symbiosis WebApp allows to connect two wallets at the same time: one for EVM Blockchains and one for Tron.

There are two ways to install TronLink Wallet on your desktop (as a browser extension) or on your mobile device:

To install and connect TronLink wallet using Symbiosis WebApp:

  1. Press TronLink. If TronLink wallet is not installed, please install it. If you have any problem installing TronLink wallet using Symbiosis WebApp, please use the official TronLink website: https://www.tronlink.org

Done āˆŽ

Using WalletConnect

WalletConnect is a protocol designed to establish a secure connection between a mobile wallet and a web3 application. The most common use case for WalletConnect is when you have a wallet installed on your smartphone and want to link it to a web application running on a desktop.

WalletConnect v2 can be utilized to connect your mobile wallet to the Symbiosis WebApp.

In the case of Tron, the wallet should support both: Tron and WalletConnect v2. According to our tests, here are working and non-working wallets:

  • Trust wallet works,

  • Bitget Wallet (BitKeep) works,

  • TronLink wallet doesn't work (TronLink doesn't support WalletConnect v2).

To connect your mobile wallet using WalletConnect v2:

  1. Scan the QR code displayed on Symbiosis WebApp with you mobile wallet.

  2. After scanning the QR code, the wallet will ask you to confirm the connection to the web application. Please confirm the connection.

Done āˆŽ

About Fees for Transaction Execution on Tron

To execute transactions on Tron, a fee is required, serving as compensation for the processing and confirmation of transactions. Here are the key points to understand about transaction fees in Tron:

Fees Measurement Transaction fees in Tron are measured in Energy points and Bandwidth points. Users can use both to cover transaction costs. Every activated Tron account gets free bandwidth points daily.

Direct payment in TRX If you lack sufficient Energy and/or Bandwidth points, you'll automatically pay transaction fees in TRX.

Tip: Always maintain a small TRX balance in your wallet to cover potential transaction fees.

Transaction Fees on Tron

Tron has its own unique economic model and system for handling transaction fees. Let's break down the difference between fees for transaction execution for users and those for smart contracts on Tron:

Basic Transaction Fees

For simple TRX transfers between accounts, there is usually no fee as long as the sender has enough bandwidth points. Every activated Tron account gets free bandwidth points daily.

Smart Contract Execution Fees

When you interact with a smart contract on the Tron network, it typically costs more than a simple transfer. This is because a smart contract usually involves complex computations.

Cross-chain Fees when Exchanging to Tron

During a cross-chain swap, users initiate, sign, and incur execution fees for a transaction on the source network of the swap. Cross-chain operations invariably involve multiple transactions. The Symbiosis protocol covers the transaction execution costs on the destination network, with this fee deducted from the transfer amount to cover the transaction processing expenses. Estimates for cross-chain fees are provided in the swap details for each cross-chain transaction.

It's important to note that Smart Contract Execution Fees on Tron can be significant. For instance, consider two cross-chain swaps from Arbitrum One to Tron:

  1. Exchanging ETH from Arbitrum for USDT on Tron and

  2. Exchanging ETH from Arbitrum for TRX on Tron.

See the screenshots with the details of the swaps below:

Why is the fee for the second swap higher?

Upon swapping to Tron, the first token received is always USDT. To obtain a different token (like TRX), additional interactions with smart contracts are necessary to exchange USDT for TRX. This results in higher transaction execution fees.

We are continuously working to alleviate these cross-chain fee burdens for our users.

Swapping Tokens from Tron to Another Chain

Requirements to operate:

  • You have enough Energy and Bandwidth to pay for sending transactions on Tron.

To exchange tokens from Tron for tokens on another blockchain network:

  1. Connect your TronLink wallet.

  2. Shortly you will get a confirmation.

Done āˆŽ

Swapping Tokens to Tron from Another Chain

To exchange tokens from an EVM compatible network, such as Ethereum, the BNB chain, zkSync Era and so on for tokens on Tron:

  1. Connect your wallet for EVM compatible networks, such as MetaMask or Trust wallet.

  2. If you see the Approve <Token name> button, approve the token use by pressing the button and confirming the transaction in your wallet. In our example, we do not need to approve ETH, since it's the native currency for the source blockchain.

Done āˆŽ

Swapping On-chain on Tron

You can perform on-chain swaps on Tron using Symbiosis WebApp.

To perform an on-chain on Tron using Symbiosis WebApp:

To exchange tokens from Tron for tokens on another blockchain network:

  1. Connect your wallet compatible with Tron.

  2. On-chain swaps on Tron can be checked here: https://tronscan.org/#/

Done āˆŽ

How to Check Swap

There are two types of swaps that you can perform through Symbiosis WebApp:

  1. On-chain swap: you exchange one token for another token. The exchanging tokens reside on one blockchain. For example, if you exchange ETH on Ethereum for USDC on Ethereum: this is an on-chain swap.

  2. Cross-chain swap: you exchange one token for another token. The exchanging tokens reside on different blockchains. For example, if you exchange ETH on Ethereum for USDC on the BNB chain: this is a cross-chain swap.

(1) If you perform an on-chain transaction, just grab the transaction hash (it can be found in your wallet) and check it out in the block explorer of that blockchain where you performed your on-chain swap. On-chain swaps on Tron can be checked here: https://tronscan.org/#/

(2) If you are performing a cross-chain swap, we recommend that you use Symbiosis Explorer to check your operation. A cross-chain operation usually consists of three transactions, and knowing what happened in just one transaction is not enough to see the whole picture.

Symbiosis Explorer collects data related to cross-chain operations performed via the Symbiosis protocol across all supported networks, analyzes it, and displays the status of cross-chain operations.

If you notice that the status of your cross-chain swap is marked as Stuck, it typically indicates that the operation is taking longer than usual. We strongly recommend waiting or reaching out to our support team. They can assist and potentially expedite the completion of the transaction. If the completion of the transaction is not possible it will be reverted. Ensure you include the transaction hash in your request.

Please note that Symbiosis Explorer does not collect information about on-chain swaps. For more information on how to use Symbiosis Explorer, please seeSymbiosis Explorer


If you have any questions, please contact our live support on Discord.

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