🟧Symbiosis Octopools

Symbiosis Octopool is an AMM liquidity pool that facilitates cross-chain operations.

Introducing Octopool

The security audit of Symbiosis Octopool can be found in our collection of Security Audits of Symbiosis

A Symbiosis Octopool is an AMM liquidity pool containing several types of tokens of the same nominal value. The pool design allows for:

  1. No Token-Pair Constraints: Any token can be exchanged for another within the pool without being limited to specific token pairs.

  2. Single-Sided Liquidity Provision/Withdrawal: Liquidity can be added or removed from the pool with a single type of token, instead of needing to supply or withdraw a pair of tokens.

  3. Addition of New Tokens: New tokens can be added to the existing pool, provided they are of the same nominal value as the tokens already in the pool.

The design of the Symbiosis Octopool ensures that token exchanges within the pool are executed efficiently, maximizing the use of the pooled capital.

The Symbiosis protocol uses Octopools to facilitate cross-chain operations.

Tokens in Octopools

sToken: sToken is a type of a wrapped token used within the Symbiosis protocol to perform cross-chain operations. For more information about sTokens, please refer to sTokens in Symbiosis

Symbiosis core smart contracts that implement mint/burn functionality are located on Boba BNB as well.

Symbiosis operates several Octopools, all of them are located on the Symbiosis servicing chain: Boba BNB.

Each Octopool contains several types of sTokens of the same nominal value bridged from supported blockchain networks:

  1. Stablecoins: Octopool with synthesized stablecoins or sStables, containing sUSDC, sUSDT, sUSDC.e, sRUSDT, sUSDbC, sUSDt.

  2. WETH: Octopool with synthesized WETH tokens or sWETH.

  3. WBTC: Octopool with synthesized wBTC tokens or sWBTC, containing sWBTC, sWRBTC, sBTCB, sCOREBTC

  4. SIS: Octopool with synthesized SIS tokens or sSIS

  5. LADYS: Octopool with synthesized LADYS tokens or sLADYS

  6. pufETH: Octopool with synthesized pufETH tokens or sPUFETH

Octopools 1, 2, and 3 are used to exchange any tokens between supported chains.

Octopools 4 and 5 are used to exchange SIS and LADYS tokens only between chains where the tokens are bridged.

Octopool 6 is used to route swaps from/to ZetaChain.

All sTokens are minted 1:1 to corresponding tokens on corresponding chains and added to Octopools with corresponding sTokens: sStables, sWETH, sWBTC, etc.

Symbiosis Octopool Token Details

sToken is ERC20 standard. The pool LP token is ERC1155 standard.

Decimal values are in the 18th digit.

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