🛠️Symbiosis Developer Tools

Symbiosis Developer Tools include Symbiosis JS SDK, and Symbiosis API.

We are dedicated to assisting developers in seamlessly integrating the Symbiosis protocol's functionality into their applications, platforms, and systems. To this end, we proudly introduce our developer tools: Symbiosis API and Symbiosis JS SDK.

Both the Symbiosis API and JS SDK empower developers to infuse their applications and platforms with the following capabilities:

  • Perform cross-chain operations:

    • Cross-chain swapping (any to any token on the supported blockchain networks),

    • Interchain communicating (any token to a third-party lending protocol),

    • Cross-chain zapping (any token to the liquidity pool owned by Symbiosis),

    • Bridging (minting/burning routine).

  • Get states of cross-chain operations

  • Deal with emergencies:

    • Get lists of stuck cross-chain operations,

    • Perform reverting operations.

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