Symbiosis Developer Tools

Symbiosis Developer Tools' list: Symbiosis JS SDK, Symbiosis API, Symbiosis Mobile SDK
We're committed to help our fellow developers to integrate functionalities of our protocol into their own applications, platforms, protocols. We are happy to introduce the following developer tools:
  • Symbiosis JS SDK This is our main tool to build our own desktop application: Symbiosis WebApp
  • Symbiosis API It is a great tool to speed up integration with the Symbiosis Protocol. The API endpoints call methods of Symbiosis JS SDK.
  • Symbiosis Mobile SDK In the first place, the SDK is designed for mobile application developers. However, thanks to Kotlin versatility, it also can be used for desktop and back-end applications.
Each of the developer tools mentioned above enables developers to:
  • Perform cross-chain operations:
    • Cross-chain swapping (any to any token, BTC including)
    • Interchain communicating (any token to a third-party lending protocol)
    • Cross-chain zapping (any token to a liquidity pool owned by Symbiosis)
    • Bridging (minting/burning routine)
  • Get states of cross-chain operations,
  • Deal with emergencies
    • Get a list of stuck cross-chain operations,
    • Perform reverting operations.