🟩Where are my Tokens?

Have you exchanged or bridged tokens using Symbiosis WebApp, and now you can't find the tokens? If so, please go through this walkthrough.

Have you exchanged or bridged tokens or withdrawn your assets from a liquidity pool, and now you can't find the tokens? If so, please go through the walkthrough below.

On-chain operation?

If you performed a cross-chain operation then check the transaction in the block explorer of that network.

For example, you exchanged ETH for USDC on Arbitrum Nova, then:

  1. Go to Google and type "arbitrum nova block explorer",

  2. Enter the transaction hash or your wallet address in the block explorer,

  3. Check details.

Another type of an on-chain operation is token withdrawal from a Symbiosis pool on Boba BNB. If that's your case, then see Bridge with Symbiosis: sUSDC, sBUSD, sWETH

Cross-chain operation?

If you performed a cross-chain operation, for example, if you exchanged ETH from Ethereum for USDC on zkSync ERA, then check the status of the operation in Symbiosis Explorer.

Symbiosis Explorer collects and stores data related to cross-chain operations performed via the Symbiosis protocol. It allows users to search for real-time and historical information about cross-chain operations by hash or address.

So to check the status of your cross-chain operation:

  1. Navigate to Symbiosis Explorer,

  2. Search by the hash of your transaction or by your wallet address,

  3. Check the status of the operation.

What does the status mean?

  • Pending: The Symbiosis protocol is still processing the cross-chain operation. Check back in a few minutes.

  • Success: The Symbiosis protocol has successfully completed the cross-chain operation.

  • Stuck: This status indicates that something went wrong. The transaction on the source blockchain was processed, but the transaction on the destination blockchain cannot be completed. A stuck cross-chain operation cannot be completed; instead, it can be reverted. Please see Stuck Transactions for guidelines.

  • Reverted: The Symbiosis protocol has completed a request to revert a stuck cross-chain operation.

I got some tokens, but the amount is too small!

Whenever you perform a cross-chain swap or on-chain swap, please review the exchange details before confirming the transaction in your wallet. You sign what you see in the Symbiosis WebApp interface. Once you sign a transaction, no details can be changed.

What to consider when you do a swap:

  1. Slippage tolerance. The number of tokens displayed as 'to receive' already includes the liquidity providers fees and cross-chain fees for the operation. Please note that the actual amount of received tokens may differ slightly from this displayed number, but it will remain within the range set by the slippage tolerance value. For instance, if 1000 tokens are displayed as 'to receive' and the slippage tolerance value is set at 3%, then the actual amount of received tokens could range between 970 and 1000 tokens.

  2. The swap size. The swap size can greatly affect the number of tokens to be received (see the example below). Let's consider details of two cross-chain swaps of 10,000 and 100 USDC from Ethereum to Mantle:

As you can see the swap of 10,000 is too large for this destination and highly unprofitable.

For more information about how cross-chain fees are calculated and deducted, please refer to Gas Fees for Cross-chain Operations via Symbiosis


If the above information did not help you resolve the issue, please contact support. For faster resolution, please include

  • Type of operation: bridging, exchange, liquidity withdrawal, etc.,

  • Which tokens and what chains were involved,

  • Transaction hash or link to the transaction in an appropriate block explorer,

  • Wallet address,

  • Explanation of what went wrong.

Having these details, you are welcome to contact our live support on Discord.

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