JS SDK Token Representation

Symbiosis JS SDK Token Representation
The Symbiosis protocol uses minting/burning mechanisms to implement cross-chain operations (cross-chain swaps, interchain communicating, cross-chain zaps, bridging). You can find an explanation of how it works in the document Symbiosis Mint-Burn Process​

Stable cryptocurrency -> sToken

Symbiosis JS SDK allows to get sTokens on a specified network:
const synthToken = await symbiosis.getRepresentation(
realToken, // for example, USDC on Ethereum
chainId // for example, 56 = BSC
In this example, we get sTokens: sUSDCs on the BSC network.

sToken -> Stable cryptocurrency

There is a reverse operation:
const realToken = await symbiosis.getRepresentation(
synthToken, // for example, sUSDC on BSC
chainId // for example, 1 = Ethereum
In this example, we get stablecoins: USDCs on the Ethereum network.