Cross-chain Farming

What cross-chain farming is and how to get rewards for providing liquidity to Symbiosis protocol.

Cross-chain Farming V1

The lifespan of Symbiosis protocol V1 has peacefully reached its end, and we stopped it.
Check out the available Symbiosis V2 reward programs: Symbiosis Reward Programs​
Attention Symbiosis protocol V1' liquidity providers:
  • You may claim your remaining rewards for providing liquidity (instructions are below).
  • Is your liquidity still in the pools of Symbiosis protocol V1? Please check it here and here and withdraw it.

Checking and Claiming Rewards

To check and claim your rewards:
  1. 2.
    Connect your wallet, and select the account you used to add liquidity to the liquidity pools for which you are checking rewards:
  2. 3.
    To claim rewards, scroll down, press the Claim All button, and confirm the operation in your connected wallet:
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