Sources of Rewarding | Symbiosis

Overview of sources of rewards with the Symbiosis Protocol: liquidity providing, cross-chain farming, SIS LP Farming, veSIS.


Any user who adds liquidity to an AMM liquidity pool automatically becomes a liquidity provider and receives rewards for providing liquidity. This document discusses the ways for liquidity providers to receive rewards with Symbiosis.
There are several sources of the rewards:
  1. 1.
    Fees for swaps,
  2. 2.
    Bonuses for adding liquidity to imbalanced liquidity pools,
  3. 3.
    Cross-chain farming,
  4. 4.
    SIS LP farming,
  5. 5.
Rewards for 1 and 2 are accrued in tokens of liquidity pools and provided by the AMM liquidity pool protocol. These rewards depend on trading activity on liquidity pools and cannot be calculated in advance.
Rewards for 3 and 4 are accrued in SIS tokens and provided by Symbiosis. These rewards are regularly accrued while liquidity stays in liquidity pools owned by Symbiosis.
SIS token is the token of the Symbiosis protocol; please refer to SIS Token | Symbiosis for more information.
For information on liquidity pools owned by Symbiosis, please refer to Liquidity Pools | Symbiosis​

LP Tokens

When liquidity providers deposit liquidity to an AMM liquidity pool, they receive LP tokens in exchange. Providers can burn their LP tokens at any time to withdraw their proportional share of assets from the liquidity pools.
LP tokens are also called pool tokens or liquidity tokes

1. Fees

The liquidity provider fees are charged for all swaps performed on AMM liquidity pools. The fees taken during trades on a particular pool are added to the total liquidity of the pool without minting new LP tokens. When liquidity providers withdraw their assets from the pool, they also receive a proportional share of all fees collected since the liquidity was first added.

2. Bonuses

When users add liquidity to an imbalanced AMM liquidity pool, they receive slightly more LP tokens than if they added liquidity to a balanced pool.
A liquidity provider receives the rewards: 1. Fees and 2. Bonuses altogether with provided liquidity when burns LP tokens to get provided assets back.

3. Cross-chain Farming

Symbiosis owns liquidity pools with {stablecoin <> sToken} pairs to implement cross-chain swaps.
When a user adds liquidity to such a pool, the user receives additional rewards in SIS tokens for providing liquidity.
For more information on the cross-chain farming service, please refer to Cross-chain Farming​

4. SIS LP Farming

Symbiosis owns liquidity pools with the {ETH <> SIS token} pair.
When a user adds ETH and/or SIS tokens to such a pool, the user gets LP tokens in exchange. If the user then adds the LP tokens to SIS LP farming, the user will receive additional rewards for providing liquidity.
For more information on the SIS LP farming, please refer to How to Stake LP Tokens​

5. veSIS

veSIS is a vote escrow (ve) token of the Symbiosis protocol. Holders lock their SIS tokens for a desired period and get veSIS tokens in return that can be used for getting rewards. The longer veSIS tokens are locked, the more rewards holders have:
For more information on veSIS, please refer to veSIS​