Symbiosis Reward Programs

Getting rewards for liquidity providing with the Symbiosis protocol: Cross-chain farming, SIS LP farming, and veSIS programs. The reward program comparison.
Symbiosis offers three reward programs for users providing liquidity to the Symbiosis protocol:
  1. 1.
    Cross-chain farming V2 (Base APR),
  2. 2.
    SIS LP farming,
  3. 3.
  4. 4.
    Cross-chain farming V2 + veSIS (Boosted APR)
Rewards for these programs are paid in SIS tokens, the Symbiosis protocol token. For more information about the token (rates, Tokenomics, etc.), please refer to SIS Token.
We have collected the main features of the reward programs in the table below.
Cross-chain Farming
SIS LP Farming
Estimated APR/APY
0.9 - 10.9% (APR), paid weekly
11.9% (APY), daily auto-compound
10.17% (APR), paid weekly
Stablecoins added to the Symbiosis liquidity pool V2
ETH/SIS tokens added to Uniswap or SushiSwap liquidity pools
SIS tokens locked in a Symbiosis smart contract
SIS tokens
SIS tokens
SIS tokens
Assets withdrawal
At any time
At any time
Once the chosen lock period is over
Rewards claiming
At any time, partly
At any time, in full
At any time, in full
More info
Cross-chain Farming + veSIS (Boosted APR)
Users who participate in two reward programs: Cross-chain farming and veSIS get Boosted APR instead of Base APR.
  • Estimated* Base APR is 0.9 - 10.9% (depending on the stablecoin),
  • Estimated* Boosted APR is 1.1 - 13.6% (depending on stablecoin.
* Estimated APR values are calculated based on the total number of tokens locked at the time of calculation and the amount of rewards allocated weekly.
More information on Boosted APR is available in this guide: Cross-chain Farming V2
+ Liquidity provider fees
Users who joined the Cross-chain Farming or SIS LP Farming program get their part of the liquidity provider fees when they withdraw their assets from the liquidity pools.
The liquidity provider fees are charged for all swaps performed on an AMM pool. The fees taken during trades are added to the total liquidity of the pool. When a liquidity provider withdraws their assets from the pool, they also receive a proportional share of all fees collected since the liquidity was first added. This mechanism is a part of the AMM pool protocol. The reward amount depends on the trading activity in the pool and is hard to predict. The rewards are in the tokens of the pool.
Cross-chain Farming V1
We continue paying the vesting rewards of Cross-chain farming V1. Refer to Cross-chain Farming V1 for more information.