Cross-chain Zaps with Symbiosis

Cross-chain zaps with Symbiosis: adding any assets from one blockchain to liquidity pools owned by Symbiosis on other blockchains.
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We are happy to introduce a handy cross-chain operation: cross-chain zapping. This functionality allows users to supply any token from any blockchain in one click (one transaction) to liquidity pools owned by Symbiosis.

Symbiosis protocol V2

Symbiosis protocol V2 owns one multicoin pool to perform all cross-chain operations. This liquidity pool (Octopool) is on one of the supported blockchains: Boba BNB. Having any assets on any (supported) blockchain, users can supply liquidity to this pool via cross-chain zapping.
For instance, a user has UNIs on Ethereum and adds liquidity to Octopool on Boba BNB (Scheme 1).
Scheme 1. Cross-chain Zap routine of adding liquidity with Symbiosis protocol V2.
Once the sUSDCs get added to the liquidity pool, the user obtains LP tokens on Boba BNB.

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