☝️Security Audits of Symbiosis

A collection of security audits done for the Symbiosis protocol.

Each part of the Symbiosis protocol has been audited by a company that specializes in the technology specific to that part:

  • Symbiosis WebApp,

  • Symbiosis Core Smart Contracts,

  • Symbiosis Octopool,

  • Relayers.

All security audits are listed below.

If you prefer to use github, you can find the same collection of security audits here: https://github.com/symbiosis-finance/audits

Symbiosis WebApp Security Audit

Symbiosis WebApp is a web-based application provided by Symbiosis. It allows users to use the Symbiosis protocol's functionality: to do cross-chain swaps, supply liquidity, receive rewards, etc.

The security audit of Symbiosis WebApp was accomplished on March 23, 2022, by Decurity.

Core Smart Contracts Security Audits

Symbiosis core smart contracts (the cross-chain liquidity engine) is a set of smart contracts designed to perform cross-chain operations (cross-chain swaps, cross-chain zaps, interchain communicating, bridging) with the Symbiosis protocol. It's the core of the Symbiosis protocol.

Symbiosis core smart contracts are open source and available at https://github.com/symbiosis-finance/core-contracts

Symbiosis Core Smart Contracts (EVM)

Security audits of the smart contracts that form the core of the Symbiosis protocol were conducted independently by different companies.

On February 7, 2022, by SlowMist

On February 8, 2022 by, Zokyo

On March 18, 2022, by Omniscia

On May 19, 2022, Zokyo additionally audited the changes implemented in the Metarouter V3 smart contract.

Symbiosis Core Smart Contracts (non-EVM)

The logic of cross-chain operations for EVM blockchains and non-EVM blockchains is the same, the realization differs.

The security audit of the core smart contracts for Near (a non-EVM blockchain) was accomplished on December 1, 2022, by Zokyo.

Symbiosis Octopool Security Audit

The Octopool AMM is a multicoin liquidity pool. Symbiosis uses it to perform cross-chain operations.

The security audit of smart contracts that form Octopool was accomplished on December 10, 2022, by Zokyo.

Relayers Security Audit

The Symbiosis relayers network is a P2P network with built-in crypto-economic incentive mechanisms. The relayers network is an off-chain part of the Symbiosis protocol and consists of nodes with special software running on it. The main purpose of the network is to provide fast, accurate, and secure transfer of information about cross-chain operations conducted via the Symbiosis protocol.

On December, 2022, by Decurity

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