🪙SIS Token of Symbiosis

Comprehensive Guide to the SIS Token: Dive into the Heart of the Symbiosis Protocol: Discover Listings, Unique Use Cases, Official Contract Address, Detailed Tokenomics, and More!

Discover SIS Token

SIS serves as the governance token for the Symbiosis protocol, boasting key functions such as:

Moreover, token holders are free to trade, exchange, or stake their SIS tokens.

SIS Supported Blockchains

SIS token was originally deployed on Ethereum (L1) and can be bridged to the following L1 and L2 blockchain networks:

  • L1: the BNB chain;

  • L2s: Arbitrum One, zkSync Era, Linea, Scroll.

SIS Token Listings

SIS token listings can be found on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko:

SIS Token Contract Addresses (Adding SIS Token to a Wallet's Token List)

Before using SIS tokens, ensure they're added SIS token to your wallet's token list for the specific blockchain networks you'll be working on.

How to add SIS token to a wallet's token list

Adding a custom token to a wallet's token list usually involves manually inputting the token's contract address and other details. Here's a general step-by-step process for most wallets:

  1. Open Your Wallet App.

  2. Access the Token List: Most wallets have a section where you can see a list of tokens. It could be labeled as "Tokens", "Assets", "Coin Management", or something similar.

  3. Add Custom Token Option: Look for an "Add", "+", or "Manage Tokens" option. Once you click on it, there might be an option to "Add Custom Token" or "Add Token Manually".

  4. Enter Token Details: Here you'll typically need:

    • Token Contract Address: This is the unique address that represents the token on the blockchain. Make sure you copy it correctly and from a trusted source to avoid scams.

    • Token Symbol: This is the shorthand symbol for the token (e.g., ETH for Ethereum, BTC for Bitcoin).

    • Decimals: Most tokens use 18 decimals, but you should verify the exact number for your specific token.

  5. Confirm: After entering the details, there should be a button to finalize the addition, something like "Add", "Confirm", or "Done".

  6. Verify: Once added, go back to your token list and ensure the custom token is now visible with its proper details.

  7. Warning: Always ensure you're adding the correct token. There are many scam tokens that might have similar names to legitimate ones. Always use trusted sources to get the contract address and other details.

Different wallets might have variations in the process, but this is the general approach. Always refer to the specific instructions provided by your wallet provider or their official documentation

Here's the information you need to add SIS token to your wallet's token list:

$SIS on Ethereum

Contract address: 0xd38BB40815d2B0c2d2c866e0c72c5728ffC76dd9 -> More information on Etherscan

$SIS on Arbitrum One

Contract address: 0x9e758b8a98a42d612b3d38b66a22074dc03d7370 -> More information on Arbiscan

$SIS on BNB Chain

Contract address: 0xF98b660AdF2ed7d9d9D9dAACC2fb0CAce4F21835 -> Mori information on BscScan

$SIS on zkSync Era

Contract address: 0xdd9f72afED3631a6C85b5369D84875e6c42f1827 -> More information on zkSync block explorer

$SIS on Linea

Contract address: 0x6EF95B6f3b0F39508e3E04054Be96D5eE39eDE0d -> More information on LineaScan

$SIS on Scroll

Contract address: 0x1467b62A6AE5CdcB10A6a8173cfe187DD2C5a136 -> More information on ScrollScan

Bridging and Exchanging SIS Token

Bridging tokens and Exchanging (or Swapping) tokens are terms often misconstrued as interchangeable. However, token bridging and token exchanging between networks stand apart, despite both facilitating asset movement between different networks.

SIS Bridging

In bridging, an asset retains its identity and total supply while moving across different networks (often from an L1 to an L2 network). The original asset is typically locked on the source network and then represented (or minted) on the destination network. Bridging is always a cross-chain operation.

SIS tokens can be bridged form Ethereum to Arbitrum One, zkSync Era, Linea, and Scroll using official bridges of these L2 networks, and SIS tokens can be bridged from Ethereum to the BNB chain using the Symbiosis bridge.

Where to bridge SIS tokens

SIS Exchanging

Token exchanging involves trading one token for another, potentially spanning different blockchains. It's not about transporting the same asset, but rather acquiring a distinct one. Token exchanging can be on-chain operation and cross-chain operation.

SIS: On-chain

SIS tokens can be exchanged for other token across supported blockchains:

Where to exchange SIS tokens

SIS: Cross-chain

Symbiosis WebApp is the best solution to exchange SIS tokens for other tokens across supported blockchains.

The Symbiosis protocol has a special pool that is used to route cross-chain exchanges involving SIS tokens (Scheme 2). This approach allows to minimize the fees associated with cross-chain operations.

SIS Tokenomics

Tokenomics refers to the economic model and strategy that a DeFi project applies to its token. Key aspects of tokenomics and supply of SIS token are listed below.

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