🟪Symbiosis Roadmap

The hero's journey

Year 2024

  1. BTC Swaps via ThorChain: Enable any-token-for-BTC swaps using Thorchain.

  2. Native BTC bridge with Symbiosis: Launch a native BTC bridge using Symbiosis technology to facilitate the exchange of any token for BTC and vice versa across supported networks, enhancing the platform's interoperability.

  3. Support for Additional EVM Networks: Extend the protocol to include more EVM compatible networks, broadening the ecosystem's reach and accessibility.

  4. Major Codebase Refactoring: Conduct significant refactoring to enhance performance, security, and scalability.

  5. Symbiosis Protocol v3 Introduction

  6. Growth of Cross-Chain Zaps: Introduce new features for direct investments into projects and platforms across supported blockchains.

  7. Token Teleport Expansion: Broaden support for more tokens in the Token Teleport service to facilitate diverse asset transfers (This functionality was released as a separate service. It later became a part of Symbiosis WebApp).

  8. Collaborations with Aggregators and Partners: Forge new partnerships to enhance liquidity, token utility, and integrate innovative DeFi services.

  9. Enhanced Loyalty Programs for veSIS Holders: Develop and introduce more comprehensive loyalty programs specifically designed for veSIS (vested Symbiosis) token holders, aiming to reward long-term participation and enhance holder benefits within the ecosystem.

  10. Delegated PoS for Relayer Node Runners: Implement a Delegated Proof of Stake mechanism to bolster the security and efficiency of the relayer network.

  11. BRC20 tokens: Enable support for BRC20 tokens.

Year 2023

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Year 2022

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The major achievements of 2022:

  • Q1: Launch of Symbiosis protocol V1 on Mainnet

  • Q4: Launch of Symbiosis protocol V2 on Mainnet

See the differences between Symbiosis protocols V1 and V2: Symbiosis V1 vs. V2

Year 2021

Q1 2021

  • Cross-chain DEX MVP is complete

  • Testnet launch: ETH <-> BTC cross-chain swap

  • Symbiosis relayers network on top of ChainLink

  • Finalizing the Symbiosis protocol vision and strategy

Q2 2021

Q3 2021

Q4 2021

  • Staking for Symbiosis relayers network

  • Mobile App SDK V2 (deprecated in Symbiosis protocol V2)

  • Last preparations before going to Mainnet

Year 2020

Q3 2020

  • Start of RnD

Q4 2020

  • RnD: Concepts of bridges, relayers, burn-mint process

  • Start of development of core smart-contracts

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