Swaps to zkSync

Walkthrough: How to swap tokens to zkSync Era from Polygon, BNB, Avalanche, etc. using Symbiosis.
In this short walkthrough we will show you how to exchange any token from Polygon, BNB, Avalanche or any other blockchain for tokens on zkSync Era.
To ensure security in the early days of zkSync Era, there may be a limit on the total amount of tokens exchanged to and from zkSync Era.
Requirements to operate:
  • You have enough native assets to pay for a transaction on the source network.
To perform a cross-chain swap for tokens on zkSync Era:
  1. 2.
    Connect your wallet.
  2. 3.
    In the Transfer from field, select the source token: the token that you have and that you would like to exchange:
  3. 4.
    Enter an amount. For instance, BNB token on BNB Chain:
  4. 5.
    In the Transfer to field, select zkSync Era and the destination token (the token that you would like to get on zkSync Era):
    For instance, we selected ETH on zkSync Era as the destination token of our swap:
    Let's check together details of this cross-chain swap: — The number of ETH displayed is the Minimum Received: the minimum amount you are guaranteed to receive from the trade, otherwise the trade will be canceled and you will get back your assets minus the gas fee for the transaction. — Route is a sequence of intermediate swaps leading to the best price for the trade. In our example, it's BNB token for BUSD on BNB Chain (using OpenOcean) -> BUSD for USDC on BOBA BNB -> USDC for ETH on zkSync Era (using — Price is the value of one cryptocurrency for the purpose of conversion to another. — Slippage Tolerance means that the trade will be automatically canceled if the price change exceeds this percentage (you can change this value by pressing the cog icon in the top right corner). — Actual amount to be sent is the value of the entered token amount in the USD equivalent minus liquidity provider fees (if any). — Destination network fee is the estimated transaction fee on the destination network in the stablecoin equivalent. This amount will be deducted from the transfer amount to cover expenses for processing the transaction on the destination network. — Price impact is the difference between the market and estimated prices due to the trade size.
  5. 6.
    !! Recipient's address !! By default, the recipient's address is the same as the sender's address. To change the recipient's address, slide the switcher Receive assets to another wallet, and enter a valid address on the destination blockchain:
  6. 7.
    If you see the Switch network to <Network name> button, switch to the network by pressing the button and confirming the action in your connected wallet.
  7. 8.
    If you see the Approve <Token name> button, approve the token use by pressing the button and confirming the transaction in your wallet. As soon as the transaction is executed, the Swap button becomes available:
  8. 9.
    Press the Swap button, and confirm the transaction in your connected wallet.
  9. 10.
    Finally, you get a confirmation.
Done ∎