šŸ’šToken Teleport with Symbiosis

Token Teleport: Introduction

Symbiosis introduces BaaS: Bridging as a Service or Token Teleport. This novel method combines two established strategies for cross-network token movement: token bridging and cross-chain token exchanges.

When a token has been bridged across multiple blockchains, the Symbiosis protocol enables direct transfers between any two of these networks without going to the original blockchain first. The Symbiosis protocol utilizes its infrastructure, including the core smart contracts and the relayers network, to keep the fees associated with this type of cross-chain operation low.

Please refer to Symbiosis Token Teleport for comprehensive explanation of the concepts of token teleporting.

Tokens to Teleport

  • XDAO token over Ethereum, the BNB chain, and Polygon,

  • SIS token over Ethereum, zkSync Era, Linea, Arbitrum, Scroll, and the BNB chain,

How to Teleport Tokens

Requirements to operate:

  • You have enough native assets to pay transaction fees on the source network.

To teleport a token:

  1. Connect your wallet.

  2. Wait a bit the operation to be completed.

  3. Shortly, you will get a confirmation.

Done āˆŽ

Teleport: Mint/Burn Tokens

Supported in Teleport tokens can be bridged here.

For more information on Token Teleport, please refer to Symbiosis Token Teleport

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