Testnets are used to simulate the mainnet environment for blockchain applications, providing developers with a secure place to test their decentralized apps.
Please be aware that testnets often don't work stably. This includes slow transaction processing and network downtime.
If you encounter a problem while working on testnets (for example, you cannot send a transaction or your operation gets stuck), please review the most common problems and their solutions below.

My swap not coming through

Testnet can be very slow. In this case, transactions take longer to be processed.
Solution: Change settings for transactions on testnets.
Important: Please do not do this on Mainet! It may result in loss of assets for you.
To change settings for operations on Testnet:
  1. 2.
    Click the cogwheel:
  2. 3.
    Set higher values for slippage tolerance and trade deadline and save the changes:
  3. 4.
    Continue performing operations on Testnet.

Swap amount is too high or too low

There are limits on swap size on testnet. This is done to prevent the liquidity pools on testnet from becoming unbalanced too quickly.
Solution: The swap amount should be between $10 and $10,000 in USD equivalent.

Price impact is too high

If a liquidity pool is in disbalance state you may get a message: price impact is too high.
In this case you cannot swap tokens you've selected. Solution: Try to specify a smaller amount or try another token pair.

Network Error or No swaps for this networks’ pair

You may get Network Error or No swaps for this networks’ pair, while using Symbiosis WebApp:
Cause: This type of error occurs when Symbiosis WebApp cannot get a timely response from the blockchains to calculate the swap.
Solution: In most cases, this error is sporadic and if you reload the page or try to perform the swap later, the problem disappears.

Txns fail to be sent after approval. Turns red at the first stage

You may not be able to send a transaction after it has been approved in your wallet.
Cause: RPC stopped responding due to high load.
Solution: Try to send a transaction later.

My transaction got stuck, no way to revert it

Some transactions may get stuck.
Solution: C'mon, it's Testnet! If this happens, just send another one.
If you still have questions, please contact our live support on Discord.